Wednesday, July 22, 2009

another blouse

I got ambitious and sewed this blouse earlier this week. As with the previous blouse, I used a combination of dyed/screenprinted and purchased fabrics, all unified with my original stamps.

It was fun! I'm getting better at it. Ancient brain synapses are reawakening.... I sewed much of my clothes in high school, college, and young newlywed days. And I used to love sewing dresses for my daughter and a few Hawaiian shirts and shorts for my son. I think that stopped when designer clothing became popular. (Jordache, Esprit, Quiksilver, etc.)

I finished this blouse just in time to wear it at the Quilt Festival in Long Beach! If you go, you might see me at the SAQA booth, the table for Quilts on the Wall, and the SAQA reception. And I'm taking a class taught by Yvonne Porcella on Saturday.

I'm packed and ready to go!

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