Sunday, January 10, 2010

Artful Tour of Points North

Here are some photos taken on our trip up the California coast after Christmas. This is the sunrise as seen outside of our hotel room in Yountville. Wouldn't you love to live here?

Second view of same spot.

When we went nearby for breakfast, they were launching hot air balloons from the parking lot! What an amazing sight.

Up, up and away!

We stayed one night at a B&B in Capitola, just outside of Santa Cruz. It is a funky little town with some unique shops and a pretty beach.

One of the cypress trees on the beach in Carmel on New Year's Eve.

A view up into the arms of another cypress tree in Carmel.

This nearby oak caught my eye, too.

Pretty flowers seen in Carmel on New Year's eve.... It's been a a time to think of New Year's resolutions. Mine are: to get better organized; to make more time for art; to go gray. These will all be tough resolutions to keep, but I'm determined to do each of them!

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