Friday, April 30, 2010

Odds and Ends

On the creative front, I am machine quilting a quilt that I would like to finish in time for the Houston deadline. The baby quilt for my niece is almost ready to quilt - photos soon. My elbow also got twisted to do some applique for my guild's opportunity quilt and two blocks for the president's quilt. Lots to do.

Here are a few extra photos taken at the farm. Can you guess what this is? It's a small bee hive, made of bamboo. It was a gift to my daughter and her husband and is hanging on their barn. No bees yet. It's about 10" high.

There are a group of windmills atop a nearby hill. They supply a lot of the area's energy needs.

After we left, the nursery got painted and the new crib got put together. Name of the paint? Green Shimmer. Or is it Lime Shimmer?

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