Saturday, March 19, 2011

the dada video

When she says dada, does she know what it means? Her dad is behind the camera. You be the judge:


Rayna said...

Of course she knows what it means! She is not only gorgeous, she is a genius. I want to eat those delicious looking cheeks. Thanks for posting this little bit of joy, Cindy.

Yep, left-hand/right-brain=creativity!! Aren't we lucky?

Cindy Cooksey said...

Since this video, I hear that she can say both dada and mama, she crawls all over the place, and she has a tooth coming in. We're hoping to get out there before too long, before she gets all grown up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Xavier can't get enough of this video. He makes me play it over and over!


Cindy Cooksey said...

Oh, that's so funny! We'll have to get those two together.