Thursday, June 2, 2011

We've got Ginger-vitis.

We brought home our daughter's dog, Ginger, from New York. She is a sweet dog and beloved pet, but not the best choice with an increasingly mobile, grabby baby. She's a long-hair miniature dachshund.

She was seen on this blog a couple years ago, as the German-speaking dachshund in Peggy's mixed media book.

She's 12 years old, but spunky and cute as a button. I was inspired by coverups made by my daughter to make this one. Ginger was a victim of a brown recluse spider bite, which left a bare spot on her back. The coverups hide the spot and protect her from sunburn.

It's reversible. Maybe I'll figure out a tutorial for this coverup. It's really easy.
She lived here for a few years in her younger days, and we are happy to take her in.

She's still playful. Here she's hiding her ball under a floormat.
Needless to say, the cats are not amused.

But Ginger has been friend to cats, dogs, and even a chicken, so we are optimistic she will someday become friends with Matilda and Olive.


Nicole Morris said...

Ginger looks like a sweet girl. The expression on kitty's face is priceless.

Cindy Cooksey said...

She really is sweet. We are enjoying having a creature who will sit in our laps and also take walks with us, things my cats just aren't into. ;-)

Janice PD said...

How adorable. I love the cover up, too. A tutorial would be great.