Wednesday, July 6, 2011

winter quilt in progress

I'm excited about this snowflake quilt I'm working on. It reminds me of the Hawaiian quilting that I used to do. Each section was done in a different technique, starting from left, clockwise: positive applique, stencil, discharge (with liquid bleach cleanser), sun painting, and negative applique.

This is the sixth section, done with glue resist. I had to wash it some more to get rid of all the glue. I'm having so much fun with this quilt! I'm going to add smaller snowflakes in the circle areas. Did I mention that this quilt is for Noble Seasons: Winter?

I thought I'd share this photo of Ginger with her new bff, Gramps. Just kidding, they really don't interact much, except that Ginger steals his food.

Here's Ginger in her 4th of July outfit. I have photos for a dog coverup tutorial - I'll try to put that up next time.

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