Thursday, August 16, 2012

This is the first time I've had an anthurium plant rebloom. It is doing great in our backyard!

We have a few pomegranates growing....

I've been lax in posting on my blog. Sorry, maybe it's the dog days of summer? I have been busy working on a quilt for Samantha. Photos soon! In the meantime, here are some photos from my garden.
There are even some kumquats ripening in August! This surprises me because I had a huge crop in January. Maybe the trees are confused by the weird weather we've had.

And finally, here is my plum tree, resplendent with cd's and twisty thing, to scare away the birds away. After I took this photo I added one more CD dangler for good measure. Hmmm, maybe a quilt someday?


Cindy Cooksey said...

Sorry about the wacko formatting of this post! I'm still not used to the clunky new Blogger editing tools. Maybe this is another reason I haven't been posting as often.

joanell said...

I love the word resplendent. - and good use do cd's.