Saturday, September 1, 2012

fun first friday meeting

 Last night we had a First Friday Artists meeting at Stacy's house. Since I just had a birthday, I received some wonderful prayer flags. This one was from Peggy, and the theme was Water, aka Pray for Rain.

Joanell made this one, and the theme was - you guessed it - Peace! It was wrapped in some canvas with additional Joanell peace designs.

 Stacy made this one. The theme was Renew.

I love them all! Each one reflects the person who made it. Thanks so much.

We missed you, Peggy and Vickie. We had some delicious strawberry/honey Greek yogurt with fruit - Joanell and I hadn't had that flavor of Greek yogurt before, and it was truly wonderful.

Thanks to Stacy for hosting and for posting these photos on our blog,

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