Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trip photos, plus snowflake quilt

Here's one more photo I meant to post from our trip to Roseville. Ronin is sitting on his quilt.

Jim took these photos of us on the bridge near their house.

You follow that windy path up to their house.

I'm happy to say that my snowflake quilt is back from its travels with the Noble Seasons special exhibit. It has been to many Mancuso quilt shows across the country as well as other events. Its real name is "No Two Alike."

One last photo from our trip, this time in Pismo Beach. While we've driven through many times, this is the first time we actually stayed here. We stayed at the Cottage Inn, and it was delightful.

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Linda A. Miller said...

What a wonderful quilt Ronin has..and how cute he is! Glad to see you are still enjoying your trip.