Tuesday, March 26, 2013

knitting needle holder tutorial

My knitting needles were a disorganized mess, so I made a new little case for them.  Here is a tutorial so you could make your own.

I cut two fabric rectangles, about 20" wide by 18". I put right side together, sewed 1/4" around all the edges except leaving about a 4" opening. I clipped corners, turned right side out and pressed flat. At this point it's about 19 1/2" by 17 1/2".

I folded the bottom edge up about 4 1/2".

I have a lot of double-pointed needles that I wanted to keep separate from my regular needles, so I added a second rectangle (made the same way as the first one, 19 1/2" wide by about 7" finished) which I sandwiched under the folded up bottom edge. Then I sewed around all four outer edges through all the layers.

I turned the upper edge under about an inch and a half. This helps to keep the needles from falling out. Then I sewed vertical lines of stitches about 2" apart, all the way across. A walking foot helps to keep the stitch lines straight and to measure the space between the previous line and the current line. Alternating lines go halfway up and the others go all the way up, to hold down the top fold. Hopefully this makes sense.

Sew a ribbon, twill tape or shoe string about 2 feet long, on the outside along one of the sewing lines, about halfway up.

So this is how it looks with needles in it. Pretty cool, huh? It holds most of my needles, including the circular ones, with room for more.  My oversized needles go somewhere else.

This is the pathetic one I made a few years back, woefully inadequate. But I learned from it: make it wider, for more needles (10 sizes)! Make two rows, for double pointeds and regular needles! Leave wider space for each size! And make it nicer looking!

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