Saturday, November 2, 2013

American Folk Art Museum, NYC

 A month ago in early October, we were in Manhattan. We headed to the American Folk Art Museum, and there were quilts all over the place! I liked this one, a combination of traditional and artistic techniques.

 Some of the quilts were made of paper! Specifically, recycled envelopes, both paper and Tyvek. They were very interesting.
This one was a real quilt on a real bed. The little man, actually Ben Franklin, looks like he is sitting on the bed, but it was really an optical illusion. I should have taken a photo from another view so that you could see what I mean. The little man is only visible from this point of view.It is a flat quilt.

I took a few more photos of this exhibit, but they're still in my camera. I'll try to download them soon.

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