Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sizzix Blog Hop: Flower Frenzy

I am so happy to be part of the Sizzix blog hop. It was really fun playing with the Sizzix flower dies. 

These are all the flowers and leaves that I cut. It may not look like much, but it was! I cut mostly cottons, plus some corduroy, silks, linen, etc. So easy and fun! All fabrics had Misty Fuse on the back.  The dies I used were Flower #6, Flowers Leaves & Stem #5, and Flower, but there are other similar dies available. Then I made a simple quilted background with my favorite gray fabrics. 

Then I arranged the flowers the way I liked them. My granddaughter Samantha watched me do this, and I let her play with button embellishments, just for fun. 
She had so much fun that I invited her to take some of my leftover flowers and arrange them on a smaller background, that I made just for her. 
After she arranged her flowers, she picked out some buttons that I could add after I quilted the flowers. She had the best time!
Meanwhile, I fused down the flowers on my quilt. 
Then I did some machine quilting on the flowers, as well as lots of hand embroidery.
 I also quilted and embroidered the flowers and added buttons on Samantha's quilt. Here it is, all finished.
Here I'm auditioning buttons on my quilt. 
And here is my final quilt! I really enjoyed making both these projects. 


Linda A. Miller said...

Looks like you are all having fun with the bright flowers! Love the quilts...

Cindy Cooksey said...

Thanks, Linda!

Jamie Fingal said...

Love your projects. I like that you used a variety of fabrics to make your sweet flowers. Great details in the hand stitching. Thanks for being a part of the hop!

Unknown said...

Looks like Sammy was having as much fun as you did.
What happy pieces!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

It is beautiful in more ways than one, Cindy! I love that she helped you and it looks like you both had a great time!

Cindy Cooksey said...

Thanks! I didn't plan on Sammy being part of the blog hop project, but she was in town and very interested in playing along. I'm glad it worked out.