Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Westcott Family Christmas Eve 2015

 We hosted the annual Westcott Christmas Eve brunch, which has been going on in some form since we were kids, I suppose. My siblings and I meet, with our families, and the menu rarely veers too far from custard, bacon, cheese fondue casserole, and fruit salad. This year my son and fam were unable to make it - life is hectic for them, having a very young baby just getting over her first cold. But they did arrive later, thank heavens. 

When it was time to take the annual family photo, no one brought a camera! But we figured out the iPhone timer and leaned it up against a potted plant, lol. 
We also miss our late brother, and his family, who live in Roseville and Seattle. 

Late afternoon, we greeted Warren, Cia, Valentina and Lily. 

Lily and Sammy became fast friends. 
After dinner the others had retired, and a few of us stayed up for a few more photos. Notice Lily and Valentina sharing Warren's lap!
Lastly, we used our newfound skills with timer and propping of the iPhone, and managed to get all five of us in the photo.  

Christmas Day photos next post.   


Terry Waldron said...

Perfect! Thanks so much for posting these, Cindy. Just lovely.

Cindy Cooksey said...

The group photos might be cut off on your device. Just click on it to see everybody!