Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orange County Fair "Fiber Artistry"

I went to the OC Fair on Sunday, the last day. While spending time at the Fiber Artistry exhibit with some of the other artists, some photos were taken. Here are some of them.

First of all, this is me by my "Happy Birthday 2 Me" quilt, which is appropriate because my bday is next week.

This is Annie by her colorful house quilt.

Jamie by her wonderful quilts. As featured quilter, she had several there. What a terrific exhibit it was - very professional. It was great to get so much exposure to all the OC Fair traffic.

So nice to see Julie there, by her beautiful quilt.

Stacy by one of her delightful quilts. This one sold!

Peggy by our collection of mixed media books. It was fun getting to see everyone's book again, and it got us to talking. We want to do another book challenge. Sounds like it'll be an altered book challenge next time.

Me and Stacy by the Carousel group project from a couple of years ago. She did the horse, I did the pink rabbit. Wish I'd been standing up straighter!

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