Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what I'm working on, and Long Beach

I was happy to see that  the "Through the Eyes of the Quilter" photography exhibit was at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. My cat Matilda is part of this exhibit, which debuted in Houston last fall.

My visit to Long Beach was short and sweet this year. I was only there on Friday, but I managed to rampage through the entire show, plus work at the SAQA booth, go to the SAQA/Quilt Art reception hosted by Karey, and have dinner with many of the other "Beneath the Surface" artists. What fun!

It's been a while since I've been able to show any quilt activity. This is a little something I'm working on to donate to the Flying Geese Quilters auction in October. I'm mixing tie dyes (from Ghana) and dyed ties. There will be more to it. I am also going to make a small house quilt for a Habitat for Humanity house.

I made a second sundress for Samantha. It's the same pattern as the green one, except a little bigger. Hope it fits.

I finished up this cute little green knit cap just a few days ago. First time I've worked with circular needles. I got the pattern at a little yarn shop in Telluride. Sorry I forget its name, but if you go there it's the only yarn shop in town. It's a delightful little place with a whole room for children's patterns, plus lots of exotic yarns and local products, too.... I like this cap, it's kind of simple and unconstructed. Notice that the ends are tied into a topknot on the top.
 This is how the cap looks with the ends untied. I'm smitten with knittin', I must confess. I'm enjoying refining my knitting skills and learning new things. I have learned how to knit continental style, which is great for lefties and faster than the throw-over style. There are tons of little videos all over the internet that show you how to do all manner of knitting techniques - what a wonderful world.... Besides, it's really cold in winter where my daughter and her family live, so I'm compelled to knit warm things to keep little Samantha warm.
Any other knitters out there? I'd love to hear from you.


joanell said...

the photos are great - keep sharing. The Hexagon quilt - wonderful, you inspire me.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Glad you enjoyed. :-) Thanks for visiting.