Wednesday, December 29, 2010

fun photos, jumble puzzle

Once in a while I attempt the "Jumble" puzzle in the newspaper. This morning I had figured out all the mixed-up words except one: FACTRY. When I finally figured it out, I had to laugh out loud. (answer at the end of the post for those who need it)

Here are a few photos I took on Skype on Monday.

That's the little elf cap I knitted for Samantha, with thick/thin yarn. Doesn't she have a cute smile?

Here Samantha is holding a small quilt that I kntted for her. Darn, I forgot to take a good photo of this before I mailed it. I'll try to take one when we go to New York next time. It's a simple flannel quilt, just tied instead of quilted, but it's fun and colorful.
She loved ripping up the wrapping paper. Yippee, who needs presents when you can play with wrapping paper?

The answer to the jumbled word is: CRAFTY!


Cindy Cooksey said...
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Cindy Cooksey said...

Of course I quilted the quilt, not knitted. I seem to have knitting on the brain.

Rayna said...

I just LOVE the expression on her face in that middle picture. She is a beauty, Cindy.
Sending wishes for a happy year ahead in 2011!