Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas photos

Here are a few photos left over from Christmas. Here's a virtual fireplace along with our real fireplace.

Warren was messing around with this toy helicopter the whole time he was home. He got it in a family gift exchange on Christmas eve. The cats were terrorized!

Matilda had a toy to play with, too. This one drove her crazy.

Going postal.

These are the gloves I made my sister-in-law who lives in Colorado.

I made three men's hats, all similar, for the men in my life.

What the heck is this? This is one of the unique gifts I got this year. Can you guess? To me it looks like a decaying cake.

Here's a view of it without its tent. It's a shitake patch. It will grow successive crops of shitake mushrooms! Yum.

This photo was taken almost a week later, and you can see small mushrooms emerging. It only takes two weeks for the first crop to mature. This gift came from my mushroom-crazy daughter. It's fun!

Another unusual gift I got was this dreamcatcher from my son. He makes them. It's very unique and I love it.

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Cindy Cooksey said...

I don't know why two of the photos are duplicates. I used to be able to edit blog posts after they are posted, but I can't seem to now. Arrrgh, all my mistakes out there for all to see.