Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Harvest

We visited our son last weekend to celebrate his birthday. Here he is with his girlfriend. The weather was gorgeous.
Happy to show off my January harvest from my backyard. This is the last pink grapefruit.
I have kumquats coming ripe now, too.  I have two tiny trees on my patio. They're sour on the inside and a little bit sweet on the outside. My favorite thing is to pop one in a cup of hot tea.

The strawberry guava tree has ripe fruit, too. I've been picking the ripe ones and freezing them for later, when I plan on making strawberry guava jelly. I tried making it last year, but I didn't have enough guavas. This time I will have plenty.

I'm excited because our daughter and her family are arriving here tonight, for an 8-night stay. Woohoo, this will be our granddaughter's first time in California. They'll get a little break from all the snow in NY. The weather here is in the high 70's.

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