Sunday, February 27, 2011

Visions, Jelly & Mariachis

I went to Oceanside with friends last week, to see the Quilt Visions exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art. My favorite one was Velda Newman's enormous flowery quilt. Afterwards we went to the harbor for lunch.

I made strawberry guava jelly a couple weeks ago. I have just one tree, with guavas that ripened in small groups over the past few months. They sat bagged up in the freezer until I was ready to process them. I tried to make it last year and it was a big failure - this time it was a success. The trick is not to squeeze the guavas when you are straining them, or else the jelly will be bitter.
Here I am on the left, at a wedding for the son of old family friends. Linda in the middle is the mother of the groom; Elaine on the right used to live next door to Linda in Orange. I remember the three of us baking cookies in Linda's kitchen decades ago. Fun wedding - loud mariachi band!

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