Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trip Notes

We had a great trip to New York recently, via Chicago. Chicago, you say? Well, it turned out to be a pretty good plan. We got to drive through Indiana and Ohio, places where we'd never been before. We stayed in Shipshewanna, Indiana in Amish country. Saw plenty of buggies and people dressed about how you'd expect them to. I didn't take photos, as it seemed disrespectful. Then later on the way home we stayed in Cleveland, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. At the end, we stayed two nights in Chicago before heading home. I will do an Artful Tour of Chicago (my second one!) later, but first things first, which is the visit to my daughter's farm in Central New York. Our son joined us on this visit, which was great.

The apple trees were bursting with fruit, even the ancient tree by the farm house.

A homegrown pumpkin and lots of onions.

I went on a hike with my daughter and son up the hill and into the woods. We saw these mushrooms on a log. Unfortunately, we didn't find any of the edible kind.

My son found this tiny frog.

View of the farm and environs from the top of the hill.

There are wild apple trees growing everywhere. Maybe you can make out the tiny apples on the trees.

The girls were lined up in the pasture as we passed by. They belong to a farmer who leases the pasture for part of the year, to fatten up his heifers on sweet organic grasses.
Warren being friendly.

Later, a neighbor dropped this by. It's a giant puff ball mushroom. We saw tiny ones on our hike.

This is how the puff ball looked sliced. My daughter sliced it up and sauteed it. It was delicious! The texture was surprisingly.... puffy!
More photos to come.

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