Saturday, September 24, 2011

visit to central ny

I promise, I am doing quilty things. I just can't show them right now.

My pomegranates are turning red, and some of them are enormous. They should be pickable within the next month. Exciting!

Lunch at Wegman's, a very cool supermarket near Utica. She eats just about anything.

Nice pic of Mom and Sammie.

Decent pix of me with Grandbaby.

Coloring with both hands. How precocious! She seems pretty ambidextrous so far.

One of many swing sessions. It used to be hung from an apple tree, but the branch broke. Now it's in a wooden frame.

Uncle and niece.

Last one.


Linda A. Miller said...

Lovely family! Thank you for sharing with us...

Cindy Cooksey said...

Thank you, Linda. Woops, I put up the wrong pomegranate photo. They're really much redder than that now.