Saturday, February 25, 2012

a scary week

We've just had a scary week. Our son was hospitalized last Monday night, after terrible headaches, plus disorientation and fainting. They diagnosed it as subdural hematoma. After cat scans and an mri, they figured out where there was a tiny leak in the spinal column sac. They applied a blood patch and then drilled a small hole in the right side of his skull to extract some blood that had seeped into his brain and caused pressure and pain. It's more complicated than that, but it would take forever to explain it all.

They think this was caused by an accident last August, when he was on a bike and hit by a car.

Anyway, after the blood patch and craniotomy he began to feel much better. They made him stay reclined, with his head lower than his feet, for more than a day. Now he's gradually sitting up more and able to eat. He was so hungry, he kept saying how he wanted to pig out at Golden Corral! Which is funny, because they don't even have this restaurant around here. He just saw a commercial for it somewhere.

He's still in the ICU, waiting for a bed to open up in the regular part of the hospital. While we were at the hospital, we met so many of his friends and co-workers.

Things seem to be okay now; they are just keeping their fingers crossed that the leak in the spinal column sac has been closed for good. We are so happy to have our son feeling better and more himself.

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Cindy Cooksey said...

Pretty sure he gets to go home today or tomorrow. He's made a remarkable recovery; we are thrilled and grateful.