Wednesday, May 16, 2012

more on farm visit

Mimi the farm cat had kittens shortly before we arrived. Awwww....

Mimi taking a break from motherhood.

Here are the rest of the farm photos. I'm soooo behind, trying to get caught up. Samantha loves books, isn't it wonderful?

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. What a cutie!

Sammy wearing the raincoat i made her. Darn, I made it too long. And her bunny dress was too short. These are hazards of being on opposite coasts.

Kids still love crayons.

At least the sweater I made her looks great!

Playing with her barn toy. It's amusing to me because she lives on a farm and is familiar with all the farm animals. Just for fun we put an octopus in the hayloft. :-) 

A better view of the raincoat. The owl hat is still a hit.

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joanell said...

Great photo story and that child is just getting too big.