Sunday, May 6, 2012

visit to farm - first look

We visited our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter at their farm in central NY recently. There were lots of new things to see! Here are the new ducks they inherited from Colgate students, who figured out they couldn't keep them in the dorms.

Blogger is being impossible, but anyway I'm showing you the new ducks, the new chickens to add to the flock, the new indoor wood-burning stove. Isn't it attractive? It has soapstone on the outside. It runs very efficiently, and my daughter knows much more about it than I do. There's also a photo of the naughty goose. He's the only one left. A couple got run over, a couple got eaten, and he's the only one left. I think he's probably lonely, but he's unpleasant and noisy. He might make a delicious goose dinner if he's not careful.


Nicole Morris said...

Aww the babies! Love the Dancing goose too. Looks like a beautiful place!

Linda A. Miller said...

What a wonderful home for all!