Sunday, January 27, 2013

road to california AND visions, too!

I had the good fortune to visit Road to California on Thursday, and then Quilt Visions on Friday. I was impressed with both. Road to California had higher quality quilts this year, in my opinion. The prize winners all seemed to have heavy, elaborate, intricate machine quilting. Yikes, I can't compete with that. There were some great special exhibits; I think my favorite one was on portraits.

It was the first time in maybe 12 years that I did not have a quilt at Road. Between Noble Elements, Noble Seasons, and various Quilts on the Wall challenges, I always had at least one thing there. The Noble series are over, and I haven't belonged to QOTW for a few years, that's why. Maybe next year!

Then on Friday I finally paid a visit to the Visions Quilt Gallery, before the Quilt Visions/Brainstorms exhibit ends in February. I was relieved to see that the quilting was more organic, generally less meticulous than many of the pieces I saw at Road. The accent was on the Art, not as much the Technique. One of my favorite pieces was by Lisa Kijak.  I also loved the one by a Korean woman.

It's been 10 years since I had a quilt in Quilt Visions. I didn't enter this year; I've only entered maybe half the time since 2002. Maybe I will be inspired for next time.

A quick snapshot with quilts by Sherry Kleinman and Hollis Chatelain, taken at Road.

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Linda A. Miller said...

I look forward to your entries in Visions in the future! Aiming to get down there before it closes next month. Lisa's work is amazing.