Monday, August 27, 2007

Trip to San Francisco

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco with my husband. The first night we actually stayed in Healdsburg, in the wine country. It was my birthday. There's a little shop called Yazuko with clothes made with Japanese fabrics, and they sell little bags of wonderful silk fabric scraps. I bought one of these bags a couple of years ago and used it all up, so I had to buy another little bag, as well as a little pack of kimono fabric-covered buttons. They're beautiful! Anyway, most of the time we were in San Francisco, which was crawling with tourists. We stayed at the Argonaut in the Fisherman's Wharf area. We had a cool view of the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the cable cars right outside of our window. So here's a photo of the cable car area, such as it is, taking a photo through window glass.
Highlights were walking through Golden Gate Park, going to SF Moma and the DeYoung art museum. We used to live in San Francisco back in the early 70's, so all sorts of memories come flooding back. Ideas for new art quilts are swirling in my head. Maybe not a good idea to talk about too much here, but a couple of the rough ideas are: layers of time/San Francisco memories; and Is it art yet?

fiber fest quilt

Now that Fiber Fest in Santa Monica is over, I can show my "Peace in Bloom" quilt. It was part of the Quilts on the Wall exhibit there. I made the quilt for my friend Catherine. Part of my Peace series - can you tell???

Fiber Fest happens every year in mid-August. Besides quilts, they have knitting, spinning yarn, weaving, beads, etc. Lots of creative energy! It makes me want to try everything! The weirdest thing I saw there was a guy sitting with an angora rabbit on his lap. He was sitting in front of a spinning wheel, spinning yarn from the tufts that he was gently gathering from the rabbit's fur. No, he wasn't hurting the rabbit.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Saqa Auction News

The SAQA auction finished up earlier this week. I hear they made $27,750! I bought a fun quilt by Pam RuBert, which I absolutely love. It's called, "Take me to your Dentist!" On the SAQA website, the background looked blue, but I hope you can see here that it is definitely purple. What fun!
My "Peace Signs" quilt went to art quilt expert Penny McMorris. Thank you so much!