Thursday, March 26, 2009

two pincushions

I made a pin cushion for my daughter, to give to her along with my old sewing machine. It's similar to one I made recently for myself, and both are pictured here. (Hers is on the right.) They were inspired by Michele Muska's adorable pin cushion in the last Quilting Arts Gifts, although they really aren't that similar to hers. I recycled an old wool sweater for the black felt in both pin cushions. They're fun to make. Useful, too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Edges etc.

Yikes, I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted! It's been a busy time. I found out recently that my quilt "Fifteen Selvedges" got accepted into "Edges." That's a special exhibit that will be seen this July at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. Unlike some exhibits, we are encouraged to put our entries online, so it's okay to post it here. Tada.
I sent off two quilts to Woodland, California for an exhibit in their county administrative building. The exhibit is called "Fire and Fiber," and we (California Fiber Artists) will apparently be sharing the space with glass blowers. Should be a great show. Unfortunately it's up in Yolo County, so I probably won't make it up there. I'll put more info up once it begins.
We're going to Atlanta this weekend to visit our daughter and husband. Our son is coming,too, so it should be a great reunion. I'm giving Martine my old Bernina Activa and am fretting about how to get it there in one piece. My current plan is to pack it in my suitcase. I'm also making her an arty pin cushion, similar to one I made for myself. I'll post those next time.