Sunday, December 29, 2013

Collaboration exhibit at Whittier Art Gallery

Postcard from Whittier. A sliver of my piece is on the far left! Sorry about the small print. The show runs January 8-February 2. The reception is on January 11 from 2:30 to 5 pm. The address of the Whittier Art Gallery is 8035 Painter Avenue, Whittier, CA 90602, 562-698-8710. The gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 1-6 pm.

There will be artist talks! Joanell Connolly speaks on January 15 at 1 pm, and Jeanette Kelly speaks on January 25 at 2 pm.

Westcott group photo

Westcott family gathering on December 15th at Zov's in Irvine. Jim and Kathy were visiting down south. It's a good photo of everyone, although Pam is partly obscured.

From left to right: James, Cindy, Dave, Kathy, Pam, Bob, Denise with Alex, John, Jim.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Photos

I gave Warren an art quilt that I made especially for him. I call it "Positive Energy." (Get it? There are plus signs all over it) I used the marbled fabrics that I made at the Fibreye retreat last spring. I told him I was going to try to enter it in a show or two, so he may have to let me borrow it if it gets accepted.

Christmas was an opportunity for the Westcotts to inspect the time machine.

Three male cousins, photo opportunity!

Alex, Denise and my brother Bob

I am sorry I have been lazy lately in updating this blog. I will try to do better. I am hoping for some technical upgrades in the coming months that will make things easier. Thanks for visiting, and I love comments!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hexie Challenge, First Friday Artists

The First Friday Artists had a hexie challenge. It was Stacy's idea; we made some hexagons, put them in a sack along with some other optional things such as buttons, more fabric, etc. Then each of us selected a sack. The plan was to create something with the items in the sack and give it to the person who made the original hexagons.

I will admit I was not 100% enthusiastic about this challenge at first. I have already made a few hexagon quilts in my day, LOL, and was so over them. But the sack that I chose had other interesting items in it, such as vintage fabric and lace from the Prom Dress Swap at the last Camp Watchapatcher, sequins, rick rack, etc., so I quickly started putting something together. Thanks, Peggy, for giving me an interesting sack of things to put on the quilt. I challenged myself to use most of them. The colors were mostly blue, purple and pink, so I expanded the palette, i.e. added more colors: lots of green, pips of orange, red, black, etc. Enough talking - here are the photos!

This is the one that I made.

I hope Peggy likes it!
I sure like the one Stacy made for me!

I love it. I already have it hung up in the family room near my chair. The quilting is beautiful! Can you see the hexagon shapes she quilted?

I almost forgot to say that photos of all the quilts in our hexie challenge are on the First Friday blog. I think the link is