Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hexie Challenge, First Friday Artists

The First Friday Artists had a hexie challenge. It was Stacy's idea; we made some hexagons, put them in a sack along with some other optional things such as buttons, more fabric, etc. Then each of us selected a sack. The plan was to create something with the items in the sack and give it to the person who made the original hexagons.

I will admit I was not 100% enthusiastic about this challenge at first. I have already made a few hexagon quilts in my day, LOL, and was so over them. But the sack that I chose had other interesting items in it, such as vintage fabric and lace from the Prom Dress Swap at the last Camp Watchapatcher, sequins, rick rack, etc., so I quickly started putting something together. Thanks, Peggy, for giving me an interesting sack of things to put on the quilt. I challenged myself to use most of them. The colors were mostly blue, purple and pink, so I expanded the palette, i.e. added more colors: lots of green, pips of orange, red, black, etc. Enough talking - here are the photos!

This is the one that I made.

I hope Peggy likes it!
I sure like the one Stacy made for me!

I love it. I already have it hung up in the family room near my chair. The quilting is beautiful! Can you see the hexagon shapes she quilted?

I almost forgot to say that photos of all the quilts in our hexie challenge are on the First Friday blog. I think the link is

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