Monday, October 3, 2011

Harvest of Quilts recap

The quilt show was over, I'm exhausted after three days of solid work. But the good news is that I won an Autumn Harvest award for "Best Art Quilt" for "Summertime Cat." (who knows, it may have been the only art quilt?) It looks good with a ribbon attached to it.

I entered this quilt, too. It didn't win any awards, but I am told that it had the distinction of being the smallest quilt in the whole show. :-)

I entered a pair of socks and my "When We Were Children" felt book in the Creative Arts exhibit. I was so surprised that the book won an Autumn Harvest ribbon, too! This was decided by popular vote, whereas the quilt award was decided by the judge. I am touched.

The Quilts on the Wall "Discovery" exhibit was a big success. Here are a few photos that give an impression of how it looked. It was so windy inside that the black curtains blew about, but it still looked great, I thought. Artists: Julie Schlueter, Laura Bisagna, Carolyn Villars.

Artists: Sherry Davis Kleinman, Linda Stone, Marilyn Fromherz

The exhibit was well attended, and I heard lots of positive remarks, which is great because this is mostly a traditional quilt show. Artists: Muna Elias, Sally Gould Wright, Sandra Lauterbach, Karen Valderrama, Carol Nilsen.

I'm sorry I didn't photograph all the quilts, but I got many of them. Artists: Sandra Hankins, Cynthia Catlin, Joann Sarachman, Karen Markley. I didn't have a quilt in the show, but I was responsible for hanging it here.

Here's a peek at a holiday project underway.


Jamie Fingal said...

I really enjoyed seeing you at the show, Cindy. Love your family book - it is so charming and whimsical. Congratulations on your awards. The ribbons that you made were fabulous!

Cindy Cooksey said...

I was so glad to see you and Peggy! It was relaxing to take a break for a while with you guys to visit the vendors.