Monday, October 24, 2011

Margrit's hexagon ball

I hadn't heard from my friend Margrit in ages, and it was so nice to hear from her the other day. She sent me this photo of the Dr. Seuss ball that she made for a grandchild. She lives in Utah, and she used the same English paper piecing method that I use. Cute, huh? You can really see which patches are pentagons and which are hexagons.


Stacy Hurt said...

THAT is ADORABLE!!! Great use of that fabric!

joanell said...

The Dr. Seuss ball is great. You inspired me to attempt the soccer ball style ball while my son a couple of years ago. He asked for it and I left it. This Sept. while visiting him, Mae, 2+ yr old was having a grand time with the ball, throwing and stomping and moving. It was nice to see it enjoyed and at the time it was still in one piece. My mother often made things to be looked at and not used, so I had to control myself. An experience on so many levels. Thank you for inspiring me.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Haha, I understand. I have given fiber art balls to family members and wonder if they became cat toys, etc.