Sunday, October 9, 2011

new art, pumpkin hat, leftover trip photos

We got this surprise gift in the mail the other day, some original art by our talented son, Warren. I love it!

I just finished this last night and need to get it in the mail for Samantha. It's a standard hat, and I had the idea to add ribs to make it look more "pumpkiny." I'm figured out the pumpkin stem by myself, too. If I have time, I'll post instructions for it. Cute, huh?

Here are a few more photos from our last trip that I missed before. I had to show you Samantha wearing her chicken dress.

I thought this was cute.
The rivers and streams were all flooded on the day that we drove to North Brookfield. This was taken in Ithaca, where we spent over an hour detouring around where this river flooded a bridge.

I should have taken better photos of the flooding. Here's a flooded cornfield near my daughter's farm. They didn't have any problems, although their stream was higher than usual.

Nice pic of mom and daughter.

Sammy pushing her little cart.

A good one with Grandpa C at the Colgate Inn.


Stacy Hurt said...

WOW Cindy! What is the size of that piece from your son? It's just fab! Good to see he got his mum's artistic eye!

Sam is adorable in her chicken dress & I can't wait to see the hat on her!

Cindy Cooksey said...

It's about 11 x 14. I know, it is fab!