Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Here are some random photos from the Long Beach Quilt Festival. I took several at the 60's Challenge - it was so colorful and fun. I was just an observer, not a participant. Jamie was one of the organizer-helpers, busy as a bee. Peggy was having so much fun on the sidelines that Pokey invited her to help sing one of the 60's songs. You rock, Peggy!

Here I am with Terry in a more sedate moment. We were at the luncheon where Pokey divulged secrets about Quilting Arts (my lips are sealed).
I have no photos of it, but Bonnie McCaffrey interviewed me on camera about my "Detours" quilt. Woohoo, I got to put those rusty Toastmaster skills in action. ;-)
I also had fun at the SAQA reception and my class from Yvonne Porcella. Will I finish my class quilt? Haven't decided.

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