Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beneath the Surface

I've already told you about Beneath the Surface, a special exhibit that I will have a quilt in. ("It's Your Fault")The big news is that it has sponsors, for both quilt festivals in Long Beach and Houston! Brother and Moores Sewing are the sponsors for Long Beach, and Misty Fuse (my favorite fusible!) for Houston.

Also, all the artists in Beneath the Surface were asked to answer some questions about themselves, and they've been posted daily on the Dinner at Eight blog. My set of questions and answers will appear on May 15, Saturday. All the interviews have been interesting, so take a look!


Rayna said...

Hi Cindy,

Catching up on your blog - been traveling and other things family-related, so tonight I'm taking a breath and seeing what you've been up to. How lovely that you're periodically visiting upstate New York...your daughter's farm looks glorious and I think she and her husband are amazing for jumping in with both feet!


Cindy Cooksey said...

Yes, they're amazing. It helps that they are still young and energetic! Thanks for visiting, Rayna.