Sunday, October 10, 2010

notleymere and horned dorset

During the second leg of our visit, we stayed a couple nights at the Notleymere in Cazenovia and two nights at the Horned Dorset in Leonardsville. It's tough finding places to stay near the kid's farm, especially when it's homecoming weekend in both Cazenovia and Hamilton! I have a few photos worth sharing:
You may recall that the Notleymere B&B is the place where we stayed in April, that had a lifesize cow outside our bedroom door.   We were in the Teddy Roosevelt room last time; the room this time was decidedly more feminine.

The main colors were brown and pink. Loved this chaise lounge, with the pink pompom blanket.

We were visited frequently by the beautiful house cat. What was his name - Sprinkles?  We were pretty sure he was part Maine Coon - his paws were enormous.

I liked this artful "head" arrangement on our window sill. On this trip, we got to meet the owners. The wife did all the decorating. She gets an A plus from us! And the husband can cook a mean breakfast. (delicious)

We definitely saw fall colors from our window, looking out on Lake Caz.

We saw pumpkins everywhere, on everyone's doorstep. I though these bumpy ones on the Notleymere doorstep were especially gnarly.

It rained really hard one day, so we got this spectacular photo of the Chittenango Falls not far from Cazenovia.

This is the Horned Dorset Inn in Leonardsville. They also have a fine restaurant where we dined one night. People come from miles around to eat there, and it was very nice.

There was a great old barn on the property, which had several round windows. I had never seen that before. You can also see our rockin' rental Prius in this photo. We loved this car!

Row of round windows on barn.

Fall leaves at the Horned Dorset.

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