Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Butterfly Wings and other things...

I recently got a wake-up call. I went with Joanell to the Oceanside Museum of Art where she was dropping off a quilt (as part of an exhibit including quilts from Dairy Barn! Lucky her!). When my friend happened to mention to the curator that I had had a quilt in Quilt Visions at her museum, I said "In 2002." Her wide-eyed response was that that was a really long time ago. She was young, and 10 years ago she could have been 15, who knows? But it shook me up a bit. What have I done lately?

Well, I have continued to make art quilts, although I have slowed down. I have other interests, as anyone who reads this blog would know.  Having a granddaughter has given me a different focus, and I have taken up knitting and making little clothing with gusto. Do I regret this? Of course not. I would hate to be so busy making art quilts that I wouldn't have time to make things for her. I am going to savor watching her grow up, and that's that. Quilts are still in the picture, when I can and want to make them.

My old friend Pat Raffee (Pat, are you out there?) gave me some advice during another moment of self-doubt, and I have had a few over the years. She said something like, make what pleases you. If you only make quilts that you hope will please judges and others, you end up with a pile of quilts that you may not even like. This advice has served me well over the years, so thank you, Pat. I will continue to make what pleases me.

Now I'm going to go upstairs to work on butterfly wings that Samantha can wear for Halloween. (tutorial will happen, eventually) In the meantime, here's a video to enjoy.



Pokey said...

Good thoughts, Miss Cindy! Art comes in many forms and mediums. To create is the grand part, and butterfly wings for a precious little girl sound like a special creation ~

Linda A. Miller said...

Contentment comes from seems like you have your priorities in the right place for you, and that is what counts.

Stacy Hurt said...

well I see you neglected to mention your work at Long Beach & Houston with the Dinner at Eight crowd! Your quilts, as always, are amazing, inspiring and unfailingly full of charm. Such posh places like Visions, etc. are nice but really how can that beat seeing that little cutie in the latest Cooksey Couture? In fact I think you need lables made that say that. Cooksey's Cutie Couture!

Cindy Cooksey said...