Sunday, May 19, 2013

Edinburgh Castle

These photos were all taken in and around Edinburgh Castle.

Another tiny photo of me, I think only two photos on the whole trip. It was raining. I am carrying my Tomato Traveler purse and the tote bag that I sewed.

A view of the city from the castle.

This made me think of quilt blocks, the next one, too.

You can't have a castle without swords and armour.

On the way back, we saw several people rub the big toe of this statue of Hume. So we did, too.

St. Gile's Cathedral.

A view of the castle from below.

We saw this monument during our walk around Edinburgh. I wish I could remember who it's for.

Okay, one more set of photos (for Dublin), and then I'm done with my travelogue. Sheesh, back in the day people used to bore other people with their travel slide shows. Now we do it on blogs! ;-)


Linda A. Miller said...

Edinburgh is such a fabulous city...looks like you had a good trip!

Cindy Cooksey said...

Yes, we did! And Edinburgh was our favorite.