Saturday, June 29, 2013

more marbles on my fabric

I had a second marbling session, here at home, on Thursday. There were some hits and misses. I'm showing a few of my favorite pieces.

This marbling is on blue jean fabric.

This was on some lovely black rustly fabric. Silk? I don't know what it is.

Part of the mystery is whatever fabric is underneath. This was leftover cotton sateen from a Spoonflower order. It's amazing how you can take ugly, failed fabric and make something interesting.

I dyed this lovely green linen in a Teresa Shippy workshop and it was wonderful as is. But I do love it with marbled orbs on it.

Here's a peek at my design wall with some marbled fabric that I made in my first session, at the Fibreye retreat. This is not the kind of quilting that I usually do, but I'm having great fun with it. Some of the recent marbling creations will find their way into this quilt, too.

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