Saturday, July 5, 2014

around the farm 2014

Just some random photos of my daughter's farm in central New York...

The hollow trunk of an ancient apple tree.

Crops growing on this beautiful day in June.

Jack and Dave on the back porch.
Just a few of their chickens, plus their rooster on the left.
Isn't the rooster beautiful? He was watching me, as I was watching him.
Cows in the pasture.
I forgot to photograph the goats, who are off to the right, behind the barn.

This is their pond. Some of you may remember photos of Sammy ice skating on it this past winter!

Pond again. You can see how green everything is. They have had so much rain.

One of the lovely peonies in bloom in their back yard.

Sorry for the blurry photo. I'm reading to Sammy in their kitchen area. They have painted this room a very subtle blue. I love it!

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