Friday, March 27, 2015

Yarn bomb, and what I'm up to

I saw this beautiful yarn bomb at the Lab in Costa Mesa. Had lunch at the Gypsy Den with a buddy. It is the coolest place to visit!

I have been very busy with art quilt projects. I just finished a quilt for the Quilt Alliance. Can I show it yet? The theme was Animals We Love, and I chose my desert tortoise, Grandpa T, even though I also love my dog and my cats. 

My project for the Sizzix blog hop is all finished. My turn will be on April 9, but different artists will be showing off their flowery Sizzix creations all that week. 

And I am hard at work on yet another quilt. It's a little freaky because I've been making "components" but have been nervous about the entire look. Today is the first day I have felt encouraged that I am on the right track. Yay!

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Terry Waldron said...

Love the yarn bomb tree!