Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tour of Pittsburgh

We spent a couple nights in Pittsburgh recently. Here are some random photos. 
It started pouring just after our arrival. We had sun and showers throughout our stay. 
This strange cluster of buildings was built by a plate glass company. 
We saw some killer views of the city from Mount Washington. More like a hill from where I come from, lol. But the views were wonderful. 
Here in Pittsburgh is the confluence of three rivers: the Allegheny, Nangahila (I know I spelled that wrong) and the Ohio. 
We took a funicular ride at the Duquesne Slide (pronounced ducane) with Tom and Nancy, friends we hadn't seen in ages.
My first attempt at a pano photo on iPhone turned out a little screwy! It added a curve in the road that wasn't there. 
A goofy infrared image of us taken at the Carnegie Science Center!

We enjoyed our stay in Pittsburgh - the food was fab - but had to leave in a hurry because the Rolling Stones were about to take over the city!

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