Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A time to weed

Now that our little senior doxie is too old to go on neighborhood walks, I am spending more time with her in our back yard. While I make sure she does her business, I also have been doing some trimming and weeding. I've become a little obsessed with oxalis - it's overwhelming when I look at the whole yard, but if I take it one weed at a time, then a handful of weeds at a time, I can keep at it. Maybe someday it will look like I made a dent. ;-)

I have also been able to go on longer walks on my own, not slowed down by the dog. It feels good, although I miss my walks with Gingie-Baby, really I do. 

All the weeding outside has spread indoors, to my art studio. The fabric from recent projects has been mostly put away, and the remainder is in a basket rather than the floor. I was going to show you a photo of the basket, but it might tell too much about my last quilt, so I won't. 

I am also trying to organize my sewing and knitting patterns.
I know, it still looks messy, but at least they're not all over the floor. And they'll be easier to finish organizing now. 
And I put a bunch of yarn, ribbon and selvedge remainders and put them in containers. They look better than where they were, and maybe I'll toss them or pass them along eventually. 

I am working on a small quilt, too. Handwork now, machine quilting soon! I will show it soon. 

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