Wednesday, October 6, 2010

chicken update

Just a few chicken pix. I do want to make a chicken quilt someday. I think this is a Dominique.

This is a Buff Orphington. They're all quite beautiful.

For some reason they all were hanging out by the house here. They sure are flocking creatures. They still are not laying eggs, but it should happen soon.

One of the chickens, Sunny, has befriended Ginger. They hang out together, as you can see. Sometimes they're inside the doghouse together, but I didn't get a photo of that.

Another pic of Sunny and Ginger. It amuses me that the chicken seems taller than the dachshund.

There are cows in the pasture now. They are heifers fattening up on all the lovely organic munchies, to get them ready for milking.

A couple of the lovely sunflowers they had growing near the barn. Sometimes they sell them at the farmer's market.

These squash are called Sweet Bundles (I think), that they picked for market. Martine made them sound so delicious - they can be prepared either sweet or savory - but they sold out, so I never got to taste them.

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Cindy Cooksey said...

The squash are called Sweet Dumplings, not Sweet Bundles. I saw some at our local market at home.