Friday, October 8, 2010

In the Mood

Now for a change of topic. On the last afternoon of our trip, we landed in Manhattan. It was raining and about 3:30, but I wanted to go to Mood Fabrics, so I did. It was about 6 blocks from our hotel.

This is the fabric store featured on Project Runway, for those unfamiliar. It was huge and bulging with all kinds of fabric, trims, and buttons.

You get to the store on the 3rd floor via an old-fashioned elevator, complete with an elevator operator man. The place was full of all kinds of people - some serious clothing designers, but lots of star-struck fans of the show. There were little girls with their grandmothers, German women, well-dressed women, slender young men.

People were taking photos of Swatch the dog the whole time I was there, and I was no exception. He was the only "star" sighting from the show. I resisted the "Thank you Mood" t-shirts but bought a few buttons.

I worked on this baby sweater while on the trip and put it together after our return. I wonder if the baby will care that the buttons came from Mood?

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