Monday, October 4, 2010

samantha at 3 and a half months

Just a few snapshots of our granddaughter during our visit in NY.

It was warm on that day. As you can see, her hair is lighter and she has filled out nicely.

Grandpa Dave approached his new granddaughter cautiously at first.

A little face time.

We did a lot of strolling about at the farmer's market in Hamilton. It's a pretty large, active market, and definitely a social event.

Martine setting up their table at the farmer's market. They were out of tomatoes, but had plenty of bell peppers and sunflowers. They also sold raspberries, horseradish root, Hungarian wax papers, and sweet dumplings

One Friday evening we went for fish fry - except that the restaurant had run out of fish by the time we arrived. 

I think this was breakfast at Zena's. We dragged that poor baby to many a restaurant meal. She was well behaved, considering.

We were treated to a couple of delicious dinners at the farm. Martine made us lasagna one night, and london broil with mashed potatoes and veggies from the garden. All yummy.

Still at Zena's. The list of available pies is on the blackboard.

She did lots of smiling and talking, but when I brought out my camera, she mostly stared. She has beautiful big eyes, which seem blueberry blue at this point. Who knows how they will end up.

She seems pretty happy here, having found her thumb. She's framed by her boppy.

She likes this silver rattle, which was a gift to her mother from her Grandma Cooksey.

I am excited to share more photos, including photos of Mood fabrics in Manhattan! They're still in my camera.


Stacy Hurt said...

That pic of her staring at you is just adorable! She's just beautiful Cindy!

Cindy Cooksey said...

thanks, Stacy!