Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I finished recently

I have been busy and finished four things recently!

Here is the letterpress book that I made in collaboration with my classmates, during "Experimenting in Letter Press Print Making" at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. It reflects the diverse personalities of each person. The quote is "Ink is the blood of the presses." - John Milton

I also finished this jacket. About half of the fabric is recycled from an old, dated jacket. It was fun!

Here's the back.

The button was made from an old, rusty, flattened bottle cap. I backed it with cork because the bottle cap was so thin. Now it's thick! Seemed like a good idea at the t ime. The cork will protect the fabric from the rust. I drilled the holes with a drill bit for metal.

Here's the stocking I made for my annual ornament exchange. The cookies were inspired by the tree cookie ornament I made for my very first ornament exchange in the early 90's. I embellished each cookie with various beads to imitate sprinkles and red hots. I added green rick-rack around the edges. Now I want to make one to keep!
I also finished my Summertime Cat quilt. At least I think I finished it - I have been struggling with the face. This is the third version of the eyes. I may change it again - it doesn't have to be turned in until the end of December.

Here she is, finished for now. As I've said before, it portrays my very shy cat, Olive. She's so shy that most people never get to even see her. She's quite a gorgeous, fluffy cat who likes to murmur at the birds.


Twila Grace said...

The jacket is gorgeous! I love that you kept the fabric choices in similar colors but varying patterns and values. So many jackets have too much going on that I can hardly look at them too long, but this one is perfect. Oh, and I love the cat piece.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comments!