Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pretty Little Mini Quilts

I was excited to receive my copy of the new book, Pretty Little Mini Quilts. I have two quilts in it. They gave my quilts new names: "Spanish Flowers" and "Hearts on Fire." That's okay. I'm pleased that in addition to their featured pages, both quilts appear elsewhere in the book. One is on the inside flap of the cover and the other is on the "Pretty Little Mini Quilts Basics" page.

You can see the cover of the book on the right side of this blog if you scroll down. It's available in stores in March. Check it out! Jamie has a quilt in it, too.

Also, here's a photo of the newsboy cap I made about a month ago. It turned out okay, not perfect. If I made another one, I'd want to find buckram for the brim. This cap has lutrador in the brim, which is adequate but kind of floppy. I haven't worn it yet. I'm still kind of shy about wearing hats. :-)

Oh, and I just made something with that painted canvas that we made in Cut-Loose! Photos of that next time. I'll let it be a surprise until then.

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Stacy Hurt said...

That's awesome about the book! I am a bit surprised they named your quilts for you but alas... publishers.

Love the hat! Bet it looks great on you! Can't wait to see you at Cutloose.