Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall 2010 trip

Where to begin? I have lots of photos already taken on this trip to NY and the surrounding area. I might as well start at the beginning and try to stick to themes. I hope that some of these themes will interest you.

In the first part of the trip, before we went to NY, we drove to the east. We stayed in Mystic, Connecticut in a charming little place called the Steamboat Inn, right next to the water. In fact, it was right near a drawbridge that we could see from our window.
I was hoping that we could get to see the bridge go up, and indeed we did, a couple of times.

It went higher and higher.

This is the boat that went through when the bridge was open.

The next day we drove past Point Judith and found the lighthouse. Someday we'll come back and take the ferry to Block Island.

Later we arrived in Newport, Rhode Island. Really old graveyard here.

The curbs were made of some kind of stone.

I thought this statue was interesting. It's one of a set of twins, straddling a stairway.

There was a whole row of lovely mansions near our hotel, so I took a stroll over to check them out. I was too cheap to take any tours ($14 for one house!), since we were only there one night.

We stayed at the Hydrangea Inn, which was lovely. The next day we scurried to North Brookfield, New York, to visit with Samantha, Martine and Jack. I will post photos of baby, chickens, farmer's market, as soon as I can.

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