Wednesday, March 30, 2011

projects and parrots!

I received a surprise order recently for one of my hand-dyed felt business card holders. Thanks, Teresa!

So that inspired me to dye some more felt and start some more business card holders. These are in progress - I will be adding special buttons, beads, and/or charms to each. I will have selling opportunities coming up, so...

I finished this sweater with Noro yarn a few weeks ago, but only found THE best button for it yesterday.  The sweater seems huge. Not sure when it will fit my granddaughter - it's a toddler size 1.

I made a hat with the yarn left over. Not the most practical yarn.

Side view.

Recently we spied FOUR wild parrots on the tree in the front yard. We've seen them flying around Irvine for years, but ths was the first time I'd seen them in our trees.

Here's a closeup of two of them. No, they're not native to Southern California! The legend goes that they are descendants of escaped pet parrots. They squawk and make all sorts of noises, but nothing intelligible. No "Polly want a cracker."

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