Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Artful Tour of Yountville

We stayed in Healdsburg the second night, at H2. Yes, that's the name of a hotel. It's close to the plaza, cool and modern. I forgot to take photos there.

The next night we stayed in Yountville, where I did an artful tour along the maim drag. This unassuming building you see above is the world famous French Laundry restaurant. We were lucky enough to eat there once, maybe 10 years ago, with my dear Aunt Jean. She died a year ago December. She was fun, unflaggingly cheerful and upbeat. I thought she was the least likely person to get Alzheimer's, but alas, she did. Through it all she was still sweet and good natured to us.

Anyhoo, they had all this wonderful public art along the main street in town. Excuse the errant fingertips!

These are just a few of my favorite works of art. We stayed at the Napa Valley Lodge, by the way. Great place. We had a dynamite view of some vineyards right outside our window. I think I've posted photos of those previously.

Cool little "mushroom" garden.

We had a delicious Italian dinner at Reddwood Pizzeria,  a short walk from our hotel. I had artfully made pizza, and Dave had lasagna. The same chef has a fancier restaurant at the other end of town, called Redd, I think.


Linda A. Miller said...

Thanks for the tour, Cindy. What wonderful public art!

Cindy Cooksey said...

I highly recommend taking this walk!